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  • The Distance Learning Committee of the Faculty Senate oversees and makes recommendations for all distance learning courses and programs to ensure quality and consistency throughout all distance learning initiatives. The committee recommends appropriate resources, including technology, services and training programs, that support distance learning. The committee will periodically review distance learning policies and procedures and make appropriate changes.

Distance Learning Policy

  • To ensure the highest quality of online instruction at Coastal Carolina University, the University Distance Learning Policy (ACAD-133) articulates specific expectations intended to maximize the academic performance of distance learning students. The most recent policy update was officially approved in August, 2014.

Intellectual Property Policy

  • In certain cases, Coastal Carolina University will claim an ownership interest in intellectual property invented or created by faculty. The application of this policy toward online instructional materials development is articulated in the University Intellectual Property Policy (ACAD-302), originally approved in January, 2011.