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The courses below are offered online in the term indicated. Click any course title to read the official description or search Webadvisor.coastal.edu for enrollment data and section availability.

College of Business 15/SP

ACCT*330 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT*437 Auditing Theory
ACCT*497 Accounting Internship
ACCT*541 VITA Independent Study
CBAD*120 Intro to Global Business
CBAD*201 Financial Accounting
CBAD*202 Managerial Accounting
CBAD*292 Decision Analysis
CBAD*297 Internship Experience
CBAD*344 Legal Environment of Business
CBAD*350 Marketing
CBAD*363 Business Finance
CBAD*401 International Business
CBAD*403 Actuarial Science Exam Prep
CBAD*796 Business Practicum
CBAD*798 Research Project
ECON*101 Survey of Economics
ECON*110 Consumer Economics
ECON*201 Macroeconomics
ECON*202 Microeconomics
ECON*497 Economics Internship
FIN*400 Financial Industry Exam Prep
FIN*403 Financial Inst & Markets
HRTM*230 Intro Resort Tourism Internshp
HRTM*381 International Internship
HRTM*386 Applied Tourism Research
HRTM*393 Management Information Systems
MBA*500 Accounting & Finance
MBA*699 Grad Business Skill Portfolio
MGMT*308 Managing Human Capital
MGMT*481 Quality Process Management
MKTG*357 Marketing Research
MKTG*450 Advertising
MKTG*454 International Marketing
MKTG*497 Marketing Internship
PDA*110B Major&Career Options Business
PDA*120B Explor Experiental Oppor Busin
PDA*130B Building Professional Profile
PDA*140B Transition Student to Profess
PGMP*301 PGA/PGM Level 2, Seminar I

College of Education 15/SP

EDIT*604 Teaching with Technology
EDIT*620 Technology Planning & Mgnt
EDIT*690 Seminar in Instructional Tech
EDLL*604 Prac in Literacy Asmt & Evalu
EDLL*606 Trends-Issues Literacy Ethics
EDLL*618 Content Literacy
EDLL*653 Testing&asses Lang Minor Stud
EDML*458 Internship Seminar (HNR)
EDSC*580 Internship Seminar
EDSP*480 Lang/Comm Skills:Stud Sev Dis
EDSP*620 Lang/Comm Skills:stud Sev Dis
EDSP*640 Behavior Management
EDUC*204 Computer Tech/Instruct Media
EDUC*335 Intro Educational Psychology
EDUC*336 Intro Human Growth Development
EDUC*607 Research for Today's Schools
EDUC*628 Assessment of Performance
EDUC*630 Adv Study of Curr & Instructn
EDUC*685 Strat for Serv Div Learners

College of Humanities 15/SP

ARTS*102 Visual Arts & Culture
CLC*350 Semiotics of Culture
COMM*150 Media, Self and the World
COMM*274 Organizational Communication
COMM*311 Health Communication
ENGL*201 Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL*290 Intro to Bus Communication
ENGL*390 Business and Professional Comm
FREN*115 French Studies I
GEOG*121 World Regional Geography
GEOG*204 Introduction to G I S
HIST*101 European Civilization to 1648
HIST*112 World History Since 1500
HIST*201 Hist US/Discov-Reconstruction
JOUR*201 Foundation Jour/Mass Communic
JOUR*307 Copy Editing
JOUR*316 Entertainment Media
JOUR*489 SpTp: Global Entertain Media
PHIL*101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL*102 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL*317 Bio-Medical Ethics
PHIL*318 Business Ethics
POLI*101 Introduction to World Politics
POLI*201 American National Government
POLI*466 SC Government & Politics
RELG*103 World Religions
RELG*325 Religion in Contemp Amer Film
SPAN*115 Hispanic Studies I

College of Science 15/SP

BIOL*121 Biological Science I
BIOL*122 Biological Science II
CSCI*101 Intro to Internet & WW Web
CSCI*105 Intro to Computer Applications
CSCI*110 Enterprise Business Applicatns
CSCI*120 Intro to Web Applications
CSCI*170 Ethics in Computer Science
CSCI*434 Digital Forensics
CSCI*534 Digital Forensics E-Discovery
EXSS*122 Lifetime Fitness/Phy Activity
HPRO*121 Personal and Community Health
HPRO*310 Issues Family Life & Sexualit
HPRO*380 Essentials of US Hlthcare Sys
HPRO*420 Health Policy
NUR*401 Transcult Concpts in Nur Care
NUR*420 Nursing Ldrshp and Management
NUR*420P Nur Leadrshp & Mgnt Practium
NUR*424 Nursing Research
NUR*430 Hlth Care Systems Poli/Policy
PSYC*101 General Psychology
PSYC*302 Developmental Psychology
PSYC*483 Principles of Psyc Testing
SOC*305 Sociology of the Family
SOC*353 Sociology of Crime
SOC*455 Sociology of Aging
SOC*499 Internship

University College 15/SP

IDS*398 Rsrch Mthds in Interdis Studi
IDS*499 Capstone Rsrch Proj Interd Std

Library 15/SP

LIBR*103 Research Strategies Tnsf Stud
LIBR*103 Research Strategies Tnsf Stud
LIBR*123 Research Strategies Bus Studen